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The Effect of Educating Environmental Ethics on Behavior and Attitude to Environment Protection

Mahboubeh Soleimanpour Omran


Since environmental crises threaten the whole system of nature, changes in moral principles, attitudes and environmental education are very important. What this study highlights, is the impact of environmental attitudes and values on human behavior with nature and it has been endeavored to emphasize on the change in environmental ethics, values and attitudes. Using an analytical approach this study deals with the change in behavior to protect environment by teaching ethics and environmental attitudes and values. The results of the study shows that the value judgments that form the foundation of environmental ethics have direct influence on human relation with environment and giving information on science without paying attention to environmental ethics and attitude has limited influence on environmental behavior. Therefore, in order to change values, attitudes and environmental behavior, it is necessary to pay attention to emotions. Environmental education methods should be seriously reconsidered and the theory of social learning can be a solution for environmetal education.


Words: environmental education, environmental ethics, environmental behavior, environment, attitude

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