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Factors Affecting Impulsive Buying Behavior with Mediating role of Positive Mood: An Empirical Study

Muhammad Bilal Ahmad, Hafiz Fawad Ali, Maha Sabir Malik, Asad Afzal Humayun, Sana Ahmad


This research which is guided by impulse buying literature and “Stimulus-Organism Response (S-O-R) model”, explores the relationship between individual differences and impulse buying behavior directly and indirectly through the mediating role of positive mood. Survey methodology was conducted in order to collect data from 300 customers in Lahore. Convenience sampling technique was used and the associations between the concepts were analyzed by using PLS based SEM analysis. Results of the study prove that the factors which significantly affect impulse buying behavior are positive mood, impulse buying tendency and fashion involvement while insignificant variables for impulse buying are self-esteem, shopping enjoyment and hedonism. SE, IBT, Hedonism and Self-esteem have a direct significant impact with the mediating variable positive mood whereas FI shows an insignificant relation with PM. Results regarding mediation demonstrated that the relationship between IBB and Shopping enjoyment is completely mediated by positive mood but the relationship between fashion involvement, self-esteem, Hedonism, Impulsive buying tendency and IBB is partially mediated by positive mood. This research paper will prove beneficial for marketing practitioners and researchers by developing a comprehensive knowledge and understanding about customer’s impulse buying behavior and its relationship with its determinants. This study validates and extends the “S-O-R model of Mehrabian and Russell (1974)” by incorporating personal traits’ influences  on impulse buying behavior.


Impulse buying behavior, Stimulus-Organism-Response, Partial Least Squares, fashion involvement, impulse buying tendency, positive mood, Structural Equation Modelling

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