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Effect of Teachers’ Competencies on Scholars’ Academic Achievement and Satisfaction

Asif Iqbal, Shafqat Hussain, Sabahat Parveen, Zahida Javaid


The current research paper is an attempt to investigate the effect of teachers’ competencies on academic achievement and satisfaction of MPhil students. Effect is a change which is a result or consequence of an action or other cause. Obtaining students’ satisfaction and academic achievement as a result of teachers’ competencies is one of the prime objectives of higher educational institutions. Institution failing to get the desired competencies among the learners effect their reputation and students’ intake in future. The academic performance of low performer scholars resulted in quitting the degree. This study employed quantitative approach to test the hypotheses. Forty MPhil scholars from GC University Faisalabad were the sample of the study using census survey. Self-developed research instrument, Teachers’ Competencies and Scholars’ Satisfaction Scale (TCSSS) with Alpha value .954 were used for survey to collect data. The achievement score was scholars’ final test score in the semester. The teachers’ competence indicators were teacher’s content knowledge, presentation skills, students’ teacher interaction and modes of assessment. T-test, Pearson r, and ANCOVA were used for data analysis. The results showed that teacher’s knowledge of subject contributed to scholars’ satisfaction and achievement. Female scholars rate the teachers more competent than their male fellows. It was recommended that the scholars’ performance may be improved by using additional class tests and worksheets.


Teachers’ competence, scholars’ performance, academic achievement

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