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Urban-Rural Differentials of Health and Educational Inequality in District of Faisalabad: A Social Analysis

Shabbir Hussain, Babak Mahmood, Ayesha Ch., Sajida Parveen


This study aims to find out the relationship between socioeconomic determinants of rural-urban social inequity specifically with regard to health and educational facilities and the public perception of this inequality in Faisalabad District, Punjab, Pakistan. The data were collected through a survey by using interviewing schedules. The multistage sampling technique was used to collect data. At the first stage two Tehsils of district Faisalabad were selected randomly, while at the second stage four union councils, two from each Tehsil (one urban and one rural) were randomly selected. A specimen of 240 respondents, 120 from each Tehsil (60 from urban and 60 from country regions) were chosen arbitrarily from the selected regions. Data were analyzed by statistical analysis using SPSS software. Results of study revealed that peoples living in urban areas had better literacy level than rural peoples. T-statistics also revealed sharp contrast between urban and rural population regarding availability of basic education and health facilities. The study also revealed that urban people were more satisfied about available health and educational infrastructure. The study concludes that rural peoples are badly facing the impacts of social disparity due to lack of health and educational facilities as compared to urban peoples.


Social Inequality, Health, Education, Social Perception, Pakistan

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