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Adjustment of balanced score card framework to measure performance at the area of copper industries (Case study: Songon copper complex)

Morteza Farzi, Soleyman Iranzadeh, Alireza Nasirpour


At the present age, the great evolution of management knowledge made inevitable existence of performance measurement system, so that in order every organization to know the amount of activities desirability and performance results in complicated and dynamic environments, they need to create systems proportionate to their own special supervision and evaluation. At this research, the performance of copper company was investigated based on balanced score card model from four viewpoints including financial, customer, trade interior processes and growth & learning ones with indices proportionate to that company showing performance amount of the same company. This research is an applied one and its method is descriptional-analitical. The tools used to collect information are questionnaires and specific worksheets through environmental and library studies. Statistical population is all personnel of Songon Copper Complex in which samples selected by using Morgan table were 344 samples. Data related to qualitative indices were collected by use of questionnaires and then SPSS software was used to calculate and analyze them. Data related to quantitative indices were collected by interviewing with responsible persons and using documents, then comparison index was employed to analyze. The results show that Songon Copper Complex met 43/34 percent of goals and also it is meeting 56/66 percent of goals.


performance measurement, strategic planning, balanced score card model, measurement index

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