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The Study of Structural-Mechanical Properties of Complex Oil-Water Emulsions of the Deposits in Western Kazakhstan

Max Bissengaliev, Ryskol Bayamirova, Karlygash Bissembayeva, Akshyryn Zholbassarova, Manshyk Sarbopeeva, Aliya Togasheva, Akmaral Koishina


Oil in the Caspian basin is characterized as viscous and heavy with a high content of metals, especially Vanadium and Nickel, which are associated in the oils with asphalt-resinous components. These properties of the oil reduce its recovery index. These properties and methods of oil production optimization were considered on the basis of the North Buzachi oil and gas region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The structural and mechanical properties of water-oil emulsions of crude oil were experimentally studied. Based on the measured in vitro parameters, the values of shear stress at wall shear rate were calculated, and then the flow curves were built for different temperatures and oil-water proportions. As a result, the regularities of the changes of rheological properties are determined depending on water content and temperature, and the resulting formula is obtained that allows determining the values of effective viscosity complex of oil-water emulsions. On the basis of the obtained results, the optimization of technological modes of crude oil preparation can be carried out in this field for further transportation and processing in the different operation periods.


Water-oil emulsion, de-emulsification, rheology, heavy oil, North Buzachi oil and gas region

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