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Abbasi Rulers’ Relationship with Iranian Bureaucratic Families

Ramazan Rezaei, Musa Alreza Bakhshi


The purpose of this study is to analyze Abbasi rulers’ relationship with Iranian bureaucratic families by taking Barmakians into account. Barmakians were the most blatant bureaucratic families of Iran. They were famous because they were the most intimate friends and also the most dangerous enemy of Muslim’s Caliph since they had friendly relationship with Abbasi rulers. The Barmakian played the most important role through government management and controlling vast lands according to the strategies they had designed themselves. The basis of the creation of Islamic culture and civilization, which was established in the first half of 4th Hegira century and created the highest peaks of human civility, was the scientific movements and organizations which were founded and established by Barmakian as the Iranian Bureaucratic families. The Barmakian Bureaucratic school which was established directly by Bureaucrats or Barmaki’ people training school paved the way for the creation of Islamic Renaissance or the Golden Age. Some of these Iranian Bureaucratic families reconstructed or remodeled the ancient Iranian customs and traditions which were being forgotten after 1000 years ago. Therefore, this research tries to study and reveal the interaction process of Islamic civilization history from the beginning till Abbasi’s era.


Barmakian Bureaucracy, Secretariat, Abbasiyan

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