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The study of effective factors on the success of suggestion system from the viewpoint of Ahvaz’s Department of Education Experts

Abdol Reza Timas, Sakineh Shahi


One of staffs’ participation methods is the suggestion system based on which organization staffs can recommend for every case or subject and they will be rewarded if their suggestions guarantee fee reduction, better work, satisfaction increase, or accomplishment ease and speed, and other advantages of this kind, and approved. Last decades have witnessed staffs’ participation in running organizations to achieve the goals and success. Suggestions system based on cumulative thoughts attempts to utilize all staffs’ innovations, opinions and viewpoints for widespread organizational development. The Ahvaz department of education puts suggestion system implementation on its agenda in 2002. But, inspite of all wide propaganda it has not reached its goal, receiving one suggestion from each staff, during these years. The purpose of this study is to study the effective factors on suggestions system success from the viewpoints of Ahvaz’s department of education experts. Data analysis of questionnaires revealed that environmental factors play a role in suggestions system success and it was ranked as the first with the mean 3.7 regarding other factors. Management factors were ranked as the second (M: 3.6), personal factors as the third (M:3.6) and organizational factors as the forth with the mean of 3.4. The current study hopes for the would -be success in the suggestions system. Recognizing those factors is of great importance to managers and staffs in achieving the organizational goals. The educational department staffs know the organizational betterment as one of their duties based on the effective factors on suggestions system success due to the results of the current study. It is recommended that the senior manager should support the suggestion system more strictly, a full-time, sympathetic, and active teacher should be chosen for recruitment center, the staffs’ suggestions should be considered as soon as possible and the rewards should be paid, the suggestions executives ought to be encouraged and rewarded as well.


Partnership, suggestions, organization, department of education, success

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