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Assessing the Effects of School Support Facilities on Academic Achievement at Punjab Education Foundation Partner Schools

Muhammad Arshad, Gulzar Ahmed, Muhammad Tayyab


School supporting facilities provides a base for quality teaching and learning. The objective of this article was to assess the effect of school support facilities at Punjab Education Foundation partner schools on academic achievement. The present study was descriptive in nature; survey approach was used for data collection. Study was delimited to Punjab province. The sample of the study was comprised of 146 Principals from Sahiwal division of Punjab chosen through multi-stage random sampling technique. A Check List for School Support Facilities (CLSSF) consisted of 28 items was self developed, validated before actual survey. The survey data was analyzed by running multiple regression statistics. The dependent variable academic achievement assessed from the academic marks of students obtained in 2017 Punjab Examination Commission of Punjab. The findings of the study showed that school support facilities like tablet, I.T Lab, ventilation, first aid medical box, gas, store room, ECE/kids room, staff room and library contributed about 15.8% towards academic achievement at Punjab Education Foundation partner schools significantly. The Punjab Education Foundation may provide support facilities to their partner schools for the academic promotion.


Support facilities, Punjab Education Foundation, Survey, Multiple regression statistics, Academic achievement

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