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Effects of Perception of Organizational Politics on Employee’s Well-Being: The Mediating Role of Trust and Interpersonal Conflicts

Sami Ullah, Syed Anwer Hasnain, Adeel Khalid, Arslan Aslam


Perception of organizational politics (POP) is a critical issue for all organizations. Most of the researchers indicate that it has a negative effect on employee’s performance. This study finds the relationship between POP and employee’s well-being (EWB) by using interpersonal conflicts at work (ICW) and interpersonal trust at work (ITW) as mediators. The well-being of employees is an important factor to be studied because it covers overall happiness of employees which includes job satisfaction, performance, job loyalty etc. Therefore, without concerning the employee’s well-being, no organization can compete or lead in the competitive environment. So there is a research gap which needs to conduct a research study on employee’s well-being with the reference to perception of organizational politics. The main focus of this study is to find out the relationship between employee’s well-being and perception of organizational politics with the mediating effect of interpersonal conflicts at work and interpersonal trust at work. The sample size of this study is in a number of 223 with cross-sectional study and conducted in the famous city Lahore, Pakistan.


Perception of organizational politics (POP); Employee’s well-being (EWB); Interpersonal conflicts at work (ICW); interpersonal trust at work (ITW)

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