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Relationship between Parental Involvement and Students’ Performance in Secondary Schools

Shafqat Hussain, Zahida Javaid, Sabahat Mushtaq, Asif Iqbal


The study was an intention to find out the correlation between students’ performance and parental involvement at secondary level. The population includes all the public sector secondary schools in district Faisalabad. Fifty schools were selected randomly. Data were collected from parents of the 9th class students with the help of questionnaire Parental Involvement Inventory [PII]. The six factors of PII were also correlated with the academic performance of students. The performance of students was taken from the results of the 9th class. Data were analyzed by applying Pearson r. The results revealed that there was strong positive and significant relationship between parental involvement and academic performance of students. All the indicators were also positive and strongly correlated with the academic performance. It was evident that the parents of female students had strong association with their studies as compared with parents of male students. In the same way, parents of urban areas and science students had great influence on the progress of their students as compared with parents of rural and arts students.


parental involvement, academic performance

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