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Predictors and Consequences of Human Resource Outsourcing; A Quantitative study of Higher educational institution of Baluchistan, Pakistan

Gul Afshan, Aamir Abbas, Irfan Hussain Khan, Muhammad Naeem Shahid


Human Resource Outsourcing has become one of the familiar thoughts to the media and business terms. This research is focused on the predictor and consequences of human resource outsourcing in educational institutions. Further, it helped us to establish a framework which would clearly highlight the factors and consequences of human resource outsourcing in educational institution of Baluchistan “Quetta”, Pakistan along with advantages and disadvantages of Human resource outsourcing policies. The Baluchistan was taken for research because this province has very less literacy rate. The research comprises very latest empirical and theoretical work which directly addresses the predictors and consequences of Human Resource outsourcing. Human resource outsourcing positively increases these effects in higher educational institutions. The study found that human resource outsourcing has negative effect on time management and communication issues in higher educational Institutions thus it can be said because of human resource outsourcing organizations may feel time management conflicts and communication issues among their employees. The results of 2 sample t test concluded that human resource outsourcing level does not differ in public and private institutes of Quetta, Baluchistan.


Business, communication, resources

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