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Relationship of Competitive Intelligence with the Organizational Flexibility (Case study: small companies)

Alireza Nazar, Ehtesham Seidali Route


Nowadays, companies must accept that philosophy of their lifetime has been changed and it is necessary to seek how to fit the turbulent business environment in the direction of maintaining a competitive edge. With no doubt, deal with new items is going through science and technology. Here, the subject of competitive intelligence comes to help companies with continuous process to make informed decisions about all their affairs, such as marketing, research and development, investment and business strategy. So the organization can demonstrate good organizational flexibility against changes that were imposed. In this study the relationship between competitive intelligence and organizational flexibility has been investigated. For this purpose first the research literature in the field of competitive intelligence and flexibility of its models was described. The findings suggest that there is the positive relationship between competitive intelligence with significant organizational flexibility. And such dimensions as knowledge of the market situation, competition situation awareness, awareness of technology - technical, strategic- social awareness have a positive and significant relationship with organizational flexibility.


Competitive Intelligence; Organizational Flexibility; Small companies; Situation of market

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