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Analyzing the Impact of Imported Plans in Reshaping Iranian Ancient Cities: A Historical Study

Sina Razzaghi-asl


Iranian cities which have grown and reached completion (based on national innovation and creativity) all along the history gradually changed over the decades and have lost their physical characteristics as well as their cultural, social, artistic and historical values. Periodical changes began with the conditional revolution and from Boos. By accepting modernism and following the Western model, waster changes were initiated. Urbanism Trend in new period was neither improved based on the Iranian vernacular characteristics, nor by creating proper background of accepting western samples. There were only changes by imitating the West and capitalism, which was influenced by Iranian Sick relations with Western countries. These changes destroyed the old urban fabric and evolutionary in Tehran and other large cities that accepted foreign samples, spreading up in all fields of decentralization. Problems such as high population density, pollution, sprawls, etc., occurred. Findings of this research show that, producing western old-fashioned comprehensive plans couldn’t act properly in different planning scales and was not successful in leading cities basically and ordering their development and growth. This present article, based on a historical-interpretative approach, focuses on the roots and causes of Western thoughts, creative processes, and imitations and their symptoms and impacts in Iranian urban development system.


Urban Development Plans, Urban Comprehensive Plans, Modernism, western samples, Strategic plan

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