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Leadership: Strategic Management Tool in the Industry

Abdolhamid Delshad, Salar Karimi


The global economy and global trends bring new challenges affecting social life. Changing economic paradigm, economic and political uncertainty have led to an increase in the requirement for leaders with perspective and power for running companies increases. This article is based on comparison analysis as well as definitions of contemporary theories about leadership such as transformation and spiritual theory. After analyzing a historical case study, a successful model is proposed. This historical comparison is very important in terms of creating and developing present theories. The purpose of this study is to propose historical attitudes about leadership in management and modern theories of leadership in collective strategic management. Then, it will compare current management with pre-proved successful management to show through this their common signs. An example of an industrial private company in Czech Republic and its decisive leader has been proposed. The previous decade economic recession emphasizes on the importance of leadership as an important part of collective strategic management. Since this subject was investigated long time ago, it requires to be reviewed and its raised position should be analyzed from different aspects. This paper offers management aspect and especially strategic one. Among other subjects, this subject creates more motivation because of trying to find management effective models which are able to help due to avoiding economic fluctuation and future political interferences. This paper includes a clear general analysis which represents developing leadership attitudes and comparing with a proved successful strategy. Therefore, it is supposed that this study has paved the way for expanding current theory.


Leader, leadership, stockholders, strategic management

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