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Selection and Evaluation of the Optimal Marketing Strategy by Using ANP –TOPSIS Approach (Case Study: Emdad Khodro Company of Iran)

Akram Abdolmaleki, Mohammad Aghaei


Marketing strategy is an integrated set of choices about how we can create and capture value over long periods of time. In other words, a strategy that determines how an organization can reach its marketing objectives; for example, it should focus on which markets and products and how much it should spend on marketing activities. The present study aimed to determine a framework for selecting the best marketing strategy. For determining this framework the decision making techniques of MCDM were used to specify the level of dependency between the factors and the ANP technique was applied to determine the weight of criteria and then TOPSIS technique was used for rankings. The present study that has been conducted at the Emdad Khodro Company of Iran tried to examine the marketing strategies of this company in order to increase the market share of services, develop the network of services and create new business. The findings show that among the strategies of the company, the strategy of creating new business is most important and then the strategies of developing the network of services are in priority. Therefore, the mentioned company should enter new business because the company has partially progressed in the field of developing the network of services and also enjoys a good market share. Also, according to the results of the analysis of network process, it can be said that the most important factors for selecting the best marketing strategy include the innovation capability, managerial capability and quality of services of the discussed company and in order to gain a competitive edge the company can capitalize on them effectively.


marketing strategy, optimization, decision-making, ANP, TOPSIS, priorities

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