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The Relationship between Cultural Intelligence and Organizational Commitment and Burnout among Employees of the Arman Financial Institution

Ali Dolatshah, Masoud Ghorban Hosseini


Today, in order to the human resource management to work in the global environment, we need people who understand cultural differences as well as cultural intelligence as a factor that can improve organizational commitment and reduce burnout and thus grow organizations. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the relationship between cultural intelligence and organizational commitment, and job burnout of staffs of Arman financial institution of Tehran. Among the employees of the Arman financial institution, 234 subjects were selected by using available sampling. The participants answered cultural intelligence questionnaire, organizational commitment (Allen & Meyer, 1990) and burnout (Maslch, 1985). Statistical methods for data analysis were multiple regression and Pearson correlation. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between the cultural intelligence and organizational commitment, and job burnout. The correlations results showed a positive and significant correlation between cultural intelligence and organizational commitment. There is a significant negative correlation between cultural intelligence and burnout. Finally, it became clear that cultural intelligence enabled employees to recognize cultural differences and to behave properly in different cultures which lead to increased organizational commitment to reduce burnout and increase the efficiency of staff.


cultural intelligence, organizational commitment, job burnout

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