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Segmenting Internet Banking Customers and Audience Based on their Expectations of Service Survey in Keshavarzi Bank, Bushehr, Iran

Zohreh Dehghani, Majid Esmaeilpour, Mahmoud Afshari


Internet banking customers have different needs, desires and expectations, so the bank by having single marketing strategy cannot fulfill the needs, desires and expectations of all of them. Segmenting customers is an efficient way to respond better to the needs, requested things and expectations of customers. The aim of this study is to identify and segment Internet banking audience and customers based on their expectations of service. This study in terms of aim is an applied one and in terms of collecting data, it is a descriptive survey. The study statistical population consists of internet banking customers of the branches of the Keshavarzi Bank in the city of Bushehr. According to the statistical population being unlimited a sample of 384 was selected. The sampling method was simple random sampling. The questionnaire, which was made by the researcher, was used in order to collect field data from. The validity of the questionnaire through the validity of face content and its reliability through Cronbach's alpha coefficient were measured. The exploratory factor analysis was used in order to analyze research questions. The results of the exploratory analysis suggested the 4 factors of security, ease of use, the success of the transaction and support as the important factors to assess the interests and expectations of customers of internet banking service.


electronic banking, internet banking, internet banking services, internet banking customer segmenting

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