European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 6, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Effect of BA and Ovule Developmental Stages on Embryo Rescue in Perlette Grape (Vitis Vinifera L.) Cultivar PDF
Laya Khoshandam, Hamed Doulati Baneh, Rasoul Jalili Marandi, Reza Darwishzadeh pp. 1-9
Short-Term Effects of Glutamine Supplementation on Levels of Blood Lactate and Fatigue Index in Male Elite Swimmers PDF
Abbas Sadeghi, Mohammad Mahdi Husseini pp. 81-87

Social science section

Relationship between Organizational Resources and Organizational Performance: A Conceptualize Mediation Study PDF
Ammar Ahmed, Ismail Bin Lebai Othman pp. 10-27
Assessing the Impact of Brand Equity based on Fans’ Brand Loyalty (Case study: foolad Khuzestan, Iran) PDF
Seyed Emad Hosseini, Maziyar Kalashi, Mohammadali Sahebkaran, Abdorahman Jami Alahmadi, Nadia Savari pp. 28-36
The Necessity of Teaching Verbal and Non-Verbal Taboos to Non-Iranian Persian Learners from the Perspective of Teachers Teaching Persian to Non-Persians PDF
Mehdi Khodadadian, Seyyed Mehdi Abtahi pp. 37-49
Investigating the Factors Influencing RFID Adoption Intentions of Retailers: Evidences from Lahore-Pakistan PDF
Asif Mahmood, Muhammad Aadil Naveed, Ibrahim Abdullah, Muhammad Shakil, Muddassar Sarfraz pp. 50-57
Strategic Management based on Information Technology in Organizational Empowerment and Creation of Competitive Advantage PDF
Shahin Alavitalab pp. 58-67
Sources of Self-Efficacy as Predictors of EFL Learners’ Course Performance PDF
Abbas Ali Zarei, Faezeh Naghdi pp. 68-80
Transfer of Science and Technology Achievement for the Development in China: The Case of Independent Innovation Pilot Area of Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu, Anhui Province PDF
Xiong Liyong, Rashmi Chatterjee, Song Wei pp. 88-99
The Study of the Quality of Working Life with Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction among the Employees Using Correlation Analysis (Case Study: Aseman Carton Making Factory of Isfahan) PDF
Ziba Batvandi, Mohammad Ghazavi pp. 100-110
Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Member of OIC Countries PDF
Awais Anwar Muhammad, Noman Arshed, Nabeela Kousar pp. 111-129
L2 Writing Teachers' Perceptions and Problems Regarding Written Corrective Feedback: Does Holding a TEFL Degree matter? PDF
Mobin Khanlarzadeh, Puyan Taheri pp. 130-145
Free Cash Flow Impact on Firm’s Profitability: An Empirical Indication of Firms listed in KSE, Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Rizwan Kamran, Zheng Zhao, Sadaf Ambreen pp. 146-157
International Security in Central Asia: Geopolitical Risks and Perspectives PDF
Zhomart Simtikov, Murat Sembinov, Tatyana Chumachenko, Aimen Kurmangali, Lyazat Matakbayeva pp. 158-168