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Study of magnetic properties and characterization of Ni/Cu multi-layer structures using in-situ high-temperature X-Ray diffraction (HT-XRD)

J. Nezamdost, A. Zolanvari, H. Sadeghi


In this paper, the results of magnetic and structural measurements of Ni/Cu multi-layers with different thicknesses of Cu and Ni grown on Si (100) substrate are presented. The Ni/Cu multi-layers nanostructure is analyzed using X-ray diffraction (XRD) diagram at room temperature and X-ray diffraction in a vacuum at high temperature (HT-XRD). The periodic peaks in the XRD spectrum, the multilayer structure and thus, the superlattice structure of the films are confirmed. But the in-situ XRD spectrums at high temperature reveal that the increase of temperature and annealing time is associated with the decrease or disappearance of intensity of the multilayer peaks and periodic peaks. It means the increase of these two parameters is accompanied with the weakening of interface sharpness between the layers, and the samples' multilayer structures are inclined toward the alloy structure.


Electro deposition; Ni/Cu multi-layer; very thin film; in-situ X-ray diffraction at high temperature (HT-XRD)

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