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An analysis of the rate of customer's adoption of Sinai Bank's electronic services in Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Abdolali Keshtegar, Nasir Khani, Farhad Piri


During the 20th century, dramatic changes in telecommunications and computing have emerged as a result of major changes in banks and we have observed Electronic banking systems made ​​it possible for the user to do all their bank affairs through landline, mobile phone (WAP), automated teller machines (ATM) or Internet quickly and easily. In order to be able to attract customers to e-banking, we must ensure them about it. Regarding the influence of multiple variables on the adoption of e-banking, it is necessary to examine their influence. The main objective of this study is to analyze the level of customers' adoption of electronic services of Sinai bank. Statistical population of this research were the costumers (those having credit cards) of Sinai bank. Research method is of the correlation type, which is analyzed by using questionnaires, statistical analysis of hypotheses and the correlation between variables under study. For data collection, the questionnaire used in similar studies was used after making necessary amendments to them. The alpha calculated for all variables in this study was 79%, which indicates the high reliability and validity of the questionnaire used. Among descriptive variables, using internet has the highest positive and meaningful correlation with the intention of using e-banking services in future and gender has the lowest positive and meaningful correlation with the intention of using e-banking services in future. Variables of relatives' influence, accessibility, reliability of e-banking services, compatibility, influence of family and colleagues and profitability, friends, social status, and readiness of e-banking services had positive and meaningful correlation with the adoption of e-banking services respectively. Also, in this research it was concluded that E-services system of Sinai Bank increased the level of customers' adoption. Lack of accessible points and unfamiliarity with using e-banking services influences the level of customer adoption negatively. Results of data analysis show that the main variable in justifying the purpose of using it are readiness and increasing accessible points; thus, banks are recommended to increase customers' access to e-banking services by increasing POS and ATMs. With regard to research results, banks and financial institutes should pay attention to the fact that if costumers have positive attitude to e-banking, they will use e-banking services. Thus, cultural infrastructure and making people familiar with the benefits of technology, training and facilitating the use of e-banking tools for everyone, further increase of system security and improving Internet connection quality can be effective in synchronizing country's banking system with modern global banking and growing use of it.


e-banking, adopting e-banking services, Sinai bank

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