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Stress and anxiety in adolescence

Taghi Abutalebi Ahmadi


Usually in society, when people take responsibility for their own actions, they can live with less stress in that circumstance. Relations of social life are in such a way that everyone should know they cannot always change the situation to their own advantage, but they can adapt themselves to different situations. Otherwise, they may suffer from stress. At the beginning of puberty and adolescence with the rapid development of physical and mental health, turmoil, confusion and worry can be seen in adolescents and in its shadow, they have a lot of anxiety and stress. There are important issues at this time in relation to the development of these areas including identity crisis, conflict in role playing, discussing independency, sexual evolution and acceptance of gender roles, relationships with peers and parental opposition, and needs such as having a quiet living environment, the need to love and respect the need for comfort and psychological security of the home and the school, the university and the community; the need for exercise and intellectual games in order to grow overall talent ,the need for individual and group recreational activities to maintain the freshness and life experience; The need for faith; the need for accountability model; the need for social education; The need to foster a sense of cooperation, the need for clear philosophies of life, the need for compassion, the need for affiliation, the need for economic independence, the need to accept social and family roles; the need for jobs and work ,If it is not fulfilled, in turn, it may cause stress. Also a history of academic failure, disease, negative physical and academic self-concept lack of hope for pursuing studies and lack of academic success in university education; Lack of family financial resources are considered problems for adolescents in achieving Identity and self-worth and make them susceptible against stressful factors.


stress, anxiety, adolescence

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