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Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Teaching Practices

Shaffaq Ayyub Aljafar, Ahmed Saeed, Tasneem Fatima


The present study was about factors affecting to effectiveness of teaching practices. The objective of the study was identifying factors which affect negatively on effectiveness of teaching practices. The quantitative method was employed. The population of the study comprised on B.Ed (Hon) four year student teachers of Sindh, Pakistan. The stratified random sampling was adopted. The size of sample was based on 250 student teachers of 4th and 8th semester. The questionnaire was used to obtain the data. Data were analyzed by using SPSS. Bar graphs and t-test method was adopted to present the findings. The major factors identified were practice school distance, lack of financial support, stress, managing students, insufficient guidance and lack of cooperation from school teachers The finding also revealed that there is no significant difference of opinion between male and female student teachers regarding factors which affecting to effectiveness of teaching practices.


Factors; effectiveness; teaching practices

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