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Conflict Management Strategies Used by Public Secondary School Teachers in Lahore

Tayyaba Rehman, Fayyza Jaleel


The study aimed to investigate conflict management strategies used by Public secondary school teachers. The study employed a descriptive survey design where quantitative approach was used to collect and analyze data. Random sampling technique was used to select sample. The study targeted 300 teachers from 12 sampled secondary schools in Lahore in which 100 male and 200 female teachers were included. The study sought to find out the major type of conflicts common in secondary schools, identify conflict management methods that are effective in managing conflicts and explore the gender, age and experience difference among teachers. A pre-designed questionnaire used and pilot tested by schools which were not included in the sampled schools and the reliability of the pilot study was 0.7 which was enough to continue research work. Then further 250 questionnaires were filled up by the public secondary school teachers from the age group 20 to 60. Descriptive Statistics was used to analyze obtained quantitative data. Collected data had been coded and statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to analyze the data. Mean and standard deviation was then computed and then demographics were shown through percentage of the participants involved. Independent sample t-test was applied to judge gender difference while One-Way ANOVA was used to compute the age and experience difference later post hoc was applied on the results of ANOVA with significant difference. The results of data analysis were presented in frequency tables, means and percentages. Relevant interpretation, discussion and recommendations were drawn from the analyzed data. The result showed that the most used conflict management strategy was collaborating while the least used strategy was compromising. Where competing and accommodating were most used by the female teachers while avoiding, collaborating and compromising were most used by the male teachers.


Teachers, Conflict, Conflict Management, Conflict Strategy

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