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Instructional leadership levels of school principals under the context of constructivist primary curriculum- quantitative results



The purpose of this study is to determine primary school principals’ levels of instructional leadership behaviors from the perspectives of school teachers under the context of constructivism applied in primary schools in Turkey. A scale related to constructivist school curriculum is developed and school principals’ instructional leadership behaviors and competencies are examined under three dimensions of the scale: “Constructing Systematic Instruction Environment’’, “Curriculum leadership and Guidance” and “Supporting Instruction and Shared Instructional Leadership’’. The universe of the study is determined to be 26 schools in the city borders of Şanlıurfa in the academic year 2011-2012 and the sample is composed of 382 primary school teachers, which were selected through stratified sampling. According to results of the study, school principals are seen to exhibit mostly behaviors “constructing systematic instruction environment” at good level; “curriculum leadership and guidance” at medium level and “supporting instruction and shared instructional leadership” at good level.


Instructional Leadership, Constructivism, Primary Schools, Curriculum Leadership

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