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Research-Oriented Teaching and Students’ Academic Performance: Perception of University Teachers

Muhammad Shabbir Ali, Qaisar Abbas


The role of teacher and teaching methodology is very important to transfer knowledge and content to students. The traditional ways of teaching make the students passive listeners and knowledge observers only.  Now a day’s trend of teaching has been changed from traditional ways to research oriented teaching.  These reforms in teaching- learning environment make the students more critical, innovative, problem solvers and active learners. Now students under the guidance of the teachers engage themselves in research related and problem solving activities and find out the solutions of the problems.  This paper intended to find out the perception of teachers regarding the effect of research oriented teaching strategies on the performance of university students. Data were collected from 100 university faculty members of five public cadre universities by employing convenient sampling technique. The results of data analysis showed that teachers were aware about the mode of research oriented teaching. Results of regression analysis also made it clear that students’ performance was affected by teacher’s research oriented teaching.


Research oriented teaching; students’ performance; teachers’ perception; emerging trend

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