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Assessing the Determinants of Savings in Pakistan: An Evidence from PSLM 2010-11

Ahmed Raza Cheema, Adeel Saleem, Abd ur Rehman, Muhammad Atif


The present study aims at investigating the determinants of the savings in Pakistan by using Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) survey data collected by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) for the year 2010-11. The Multiple Regression Model is estimated for finding out the household saving determinants. The results reveal that savings have positive relationship with income, livestock, number of earner, while these are negatively related with education, gender of the household head and poverty in Pakistan. The regional level analysis reveals that marginal propensity to save is higher in rural areas as compared to urban counterpart. Among the provinces it is the highest in Punjab and lowest in Sindh. To promote savings among households in Pakistan, policies aiming at increasing income of the people should be formulated and implemented. Other policies include creation of job opportunities and provision of loan for livestock especially for the poor and females.


saving, income, livestock, earner, education, poverty, Pakistan

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