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Advanced decision support systems for managers

Mohammad Omidvar, Fariba Bordbar


Managers need to make timely decisions to solve the problems in the organization or to take advantage of the opportunities. But accessing the related information and knowledge is a necessity for the purpose of decision-making. Current transactional information systems in organizations easily manage the affairs of the organization, but they do not provide the necessary ability and intelligence to take a good decision and business performance management. Here, the importance of using such systems to support management decisions and business intelligence tools are highlighted. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the decision-making process, the structure, components, and features. Also a decision support system (DSS) is described. Then, the types of decision support systems will be defined and their abilities and functions will be expressed. The following performance management and business intelligence are explained. Finally, Intelligent Decision Support System will be examined and their functions and abilities to develop a decision support tool for decision-making will be analyzed.


Decision Support Systems, Intelligent Support Systems, Decision-Making, DSS

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