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The study of the dimensions and components of change management among the managers in Azad Islamic Universities (8th District Branches) and presenting an appropriate conceptual framework

Seyed Habib Maktabi, Ariba Hanifi


The present article has been taken from a research which purpose was to examine administrators' performance and attitude at Azad Islamic university, branches of 8th district according to dimensions and components of change management and to present an appropriate conceptual framework. To achieve the above goals, first the research literature was reviewed deeply and 138 components of change management in higher education were extracted, which reduced to 108 components by expert judgment. The extracted components categorized in 5 dimensions under the names of competencies of change leader traits, the culture of change, policies and strategies of change, change environment, change content. Then, a 108-item questionnaire was developed. The questionnaire was administered among a randomly selected sample consisted of 267 presidents, vice-presidents, deans, associate deans and head departments after establishing its validity (by expert judgment) and its reliability (by calculation of Cronbach's Alpha coefficient=98/0). The collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics methods as well as inferential tests such as ANOVA, Chi square, factor analysis, and path analysis. The finding showed that there was no significant difference between three groups of administrator's performance. The same result was found about their attitudes. To present the conceptual framework, the extracted factors were analyzed by factors Analysis through SPSS and were named by Expert Judgment (ten specialists). Then the final conceptual framework was drawn by path Analysis through LISEREL and GFI test confirmed the conceptual framework factors and their interaction and correlation by calculation GFI (GFI=0/97).


change management, attitude, performance, conceptual framework

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