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Factors Influencing the Learning of English Language for Academic Purposes for Foreign Students: A case of Solusi University.

Stella N/A Muchemwa


In line with Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-economic Transformation (ZIM ASSET), the Zimbabweans in all sectors of the economy should seize every opportunity at hand. Solusi University, taking the advantage of English as an official language, has opened its doors to foreign students even from non-English speaking countries thereby bringing in revenue and raising Zimbabwe high on the map of Africa. However, the number of foreign students is still low, the assumption being that, it is due to English language handicap. This study therefore investigated the factors that influence the learning of English by foreign students. A self-drafted questionnaire was distributed to 36 foreign students at various levels of study at Solusi University. Data were analyzed by means of descriptive statistics. Findings revealed technological factors: Technology makes acquiring and developing the English language easy. However, English lecturers rarely used technology during lessons. Social factors: Lecturers in other subject areas hardly concentrate on English Language and the university community hardly helped them in English learning. Academic Factors: Reading and speaking in English in class has helped respondents improve their English skills. Cultural factors: Home culture either supports or deters foreign students in learning English Language. Economic factors: Students from poor non-English speaking countries can hardly manage to learn the English Language because it is expensive. The study recommended the establishment of English laboratories at responsible universities for the betterment of teaching and learning of the English language to foreign students. Again, the responsible universities should charge reasonable fees so that the foreign students can afford.


English Language, foreign students; academic purpose

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