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Conflict of Laws in International Oil Contracts

Maryam Shafiei Khah, Elahe Akhbari, Alireza Hasani


The contract which is signed between different nationalities is called international agreement. International agreements are slightly more complex than domestic contracts. Because we are dealing with more than one rule and in addition, the existence of principles of international rules cannot be ignored. Nationality difference is the first case that is investigated in international contracts. The second factor is the domicile of the parties that is a communication element in international contracts. The third factor is the place of contract performance and the forth factor states the contracts between two sides. What is the main purpose of this article is the subject and purpose of the international oil conventions that investigates the governing principles over them, the governing law example of the contract and also provides solutions to adopt a law which has been proposed.


contract, international, oil, and law

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