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The effect of Islamic ideological dialogue on the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Jabbar Pour Hosseini, Mehdi Zakerian


The essence of the  present study is the notion of Islamic ideological dialogue that in otherwords is the impact of Islamic ideological dialogue on the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic regime from 1979 until 2011. In this context,  there are three main indices of Islamic ideological dialogue which have been recognized  from the researcher point of view in terms of concepts, community activism (community-oriented perspective) , sacred activism(sacred –oriented perspective) and radical otherness  creation. The impact of each issue on the legality or legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be explored both in the medium and longterm so the purpose of Islamic ideological dialogue is the dominant dialogue which has been dominant after 1979  revolution in Iran and  has been formulated and applied by political system. First, Islamic ideology with an exclusive emphasison the Islamic culture in a form of community activism and lack of continuous process of nation building will lead a society to identity crisis in the medium term and in the long term will lead the government to a crisis of legitimacy. Second ,as the Islamic ideology is preserving guardianship of Islamic jurists from criticism in a different areas particularly in development with divinizing government and at its top giving the sanctity to their clerical status, In themedium term will lead  society to the crisis of rationality and  in the longterm will lead it to crisis of legitimacy. Finally, specific works of radical otherness creation in Islamic ideology resulted in dividing society into insiders and outsiders and with deepening these ideological gaps within ethnic groups and different social classes will lead society to crisis of integration and unity and crisis of legitimacy in long term.


Keywords:Islamic ideological dialogue, state legitimacy , community oriented speech , sacred -oriented speech ofstate, language of radical otherness creation

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