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Conceptual Ideas in Taj Mahal, India

Hamideh Estarabi Ashtiani


Art creation includes some characteristics that differentiate it from other types of art. These characteristics have an exclusive philosophy. Therefore, familiarization with art consists of variety of phenomenon stemming from historical and cultural backgrounds. Regarding the point that art is considered as one of the humanistic activities with specific meaning in the universe through the history, aesthetic becomes different in civilizations and shapes patterns and icons function. It is worth mentioning that as the main parts of these studies attribute to religious and philosophical concepts, the religion part is always made by mythology in India. Some mythological studies are incorporated in the present research. In accordance with beliefs and social customs, in this part, it has been attempted to discuss about concepts, elements, shapes, numbers, patterns and colors in general categorization and their iconic and symbolic aspects are analyzed in such a way that symbolic aesthetic which is prior to shape is deeply reviewed because in symbolic universe, a positive relationship is formed between environment and user and the represented concepts refer to content.


Social custom, art, environment, Taj Mahal

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