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The Study of parents’ attitudes toward the status of execution of physical education course in Iranian elementary schools

Sarvenaz Anousheh, Soheila Abdi Nemat Abad


The main objective of this research was to study the attitude of the elementary school students' parents in Tehran concerning the present status of physical education course on elementary schools. For this purpose, the personal characteristics of 300 individuals were randomly selected from among the parents whose children studying at public elementary schools in Tehran, Iran. Research method was a descriptive and the data were gathered through field method. In order to collect information, a self-made questionnaire including 15 closed questions was used. After doing data analysis, the results indicated that the parents’ attitudes toward the physical education lesson were positive. There was no significant difference between the attitude of students’ parents in case of execution. However, there was a significant difference between the attitude of the students’ parents about the importance of physical educations and sports.


Facilities, sports fields, parents, attitude, elementary schools

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