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An Analysis of the Quality of Housing in Tehran City, Iran

Masoumeh Gheimati


In contemporary time, one of the essential items for all societies is to pay attention to the quality of housing. Now, due to shortage of land and dramatically pricy housings, residents are living in small places. As a result, people should make the most of spaces. Housing or living spaces must be efficient in order to respond two different needs. Firstly, making suitable environment, including thermal comfort, reasonable humidity, efficient pressure and lighting and finally draft. Secondly, responding spiritual needs, meaning creating suitable spaces adapted with residents’ life style and culture is the combination of both needs can lead up to making the most desirable house and the shortage of each would leave a negative impact on housing. Tehran as metropolitan city had a significant increase in population and extreme expansion; therefore, there is huge demand in residential complexes regarding regulations derived from religion culture and society. This article aims to discuss and review some of the essential factors on the quality of housing.


the quality of housing, residential complexes, human being, metropolitan

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