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The study of knowledge management effect on performance rate of employees

Ehsan Zargar, Masoomeh Rezaee


In today's world, communities and organizations are seeking to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. In this regard, knowledge management is a useful tool for organizations to develop their intellectual capital, to encourage innovation and to maximize desirable performance. This study was conducted with the aim of understanding the concept of knowledge management and its impact on organizational success and applying it to improve employee performance. The statistical population of this study consisted of all employees of Auxin Steel Company and 380 subjects were randomly selected among them. The findings of this study showed that whatever employees to be familiar with knowledge management components, their accessibility to these components becomes more and will enhance their performance. This research tries to see whether knowledge management has an impact on employees' performance or not. The results indicated that knowledge management application is the integral component of organizations and its application increases the knowledge and information of employees and consequently increase organization's productivity.


Knowledge management, Performance, Participation in the knowledge, organizing knowledge

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