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Assessment of technology transfer process in Iranian power industry

Abbas Khamseh, Marziyeh Bakhtiyari


One of the problems facing industries in developing countries is lack of effective transfer of imported technology and the most important reason of this shortcoming is that technology transfer processes are not gone through properly. Despite some barriers and problems associated with technology transfer from an industrial country to a developing country, if the transfer is not designed and prepared based on a technology plan, the developing country could achieve the technology by properly going through technology transfer processes. However, the most important point is that proper and successful transfer of technology is achieved when all processes of technology transfer are followed properly and successfully. Also, achievement of technology transfer process is evaluated by some comprehensive assessments. In the present study, after a review of literature about technology transfer, a pattern for technology transfer process is proposed in Mapna Company, which is the largest Iranian power industries company, and achievement of technology transfer process in Mapna Company is evaluated based on the pattern.


technology, technology transfer, technology transfer process

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