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The study of the effect of green marketing on supply chain management

Leila Zarat Dakhely Parast, Javad Delkhak, Esmaeil Jamshidi


In recent decades, green marketing and green supply chain have attracted the attention of many researchers and scholars. However, there is no comprehensive framework about the way of creating green industrial trademarks and brands for industrial companies. The subject, whether it is possible to integrate sustainable green supply chain with green industrial marketing for creating greener industrial trademarks and organizations or not, has remained unclear. Furthermore, a few important factors  related to developing a new green industrial product or the way of accepting new green industrialized products have been identified by organizations. In addition, we have limited information on whether green supply chain can result in the development of a new green industrial product or not. If so, how? The objective of this research is to reflect recent improvements in green industrial marketing, sustainable/green supply chain and its reaction in making green industrial brands and for future researches. The researcher hopes to offer an insight on the effects of sustainable green supply chain on marketing theory and industrial markets and B2B.


Sustainability, Green Marketing, Green Supply Chain, Industrial Marketing

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