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Determining maintenance strategy by using Fuzzy Group MADM approach

Esmaeili Mohammadreza, Seyedi Seyed Masoud, Iranban Seyed Javad


This paper aimed to select the best maintenance strategy in the Sirjan Gol-Gohar ironstone complex. The aim of maintenance is  increasing equipment life length, increasing availability and reliability, improving equipment availability, and efficiency and retaining equipment in proper condition. Theoretical frame work of research based on four main Criteria and 11sub criteria like: Safty (Personnel, Facilities, and Environment), Added-value (Spare Part Inventories, Production Loss, and Fault Identification), Cost (Hardware, Software, Personnel Training) and Feasibility (Acceptance by Labors, Technique Reliability). For collecting information, questionnaires had given to senior managers of maintenance in the Sirjan Gol-Gohar ironstone complex. As the society was limited, the survey was done in the whole society and using Group fuzzy AHP. Findings show that the first prioritization of maintenance strategy is Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) strategy. Finally, best prioritization maintenance strategy is predictive maintenance (PM), time base maintenance (TBM) and corrective maintenance (CM) correctly.


maintenance strategy, fuzzy AHP, Gol-Gohar

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