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Bilingual versus Monolingual Learners’ Reading Comprehension Ability Regarding their Interest in Reading Comprehension Topics

Fatemeh Samadi, Mojtaba Maghsoudi


This study investigated whether there are any significant differences between male and female learners in reading comprehension ability by regarding their interest to different topics regarding the subjects’ linguality. To meet the mentioned aims, 193 EFL monolingual and bilingual learners from Markazi province were invited to participate in this study. Data analysis through utilization of ANOVA and t-test indicated the following results:

All subjects performed equally in comprehending male and female-based texts.

Male learnersscores in male-based texts outperformed the females scores.

Female learners’ scores in female-based texts outperformed the males scores.

Bilingual female learners’ scores in female-based texts outperformed the monolingual females’ scores.


Reading comprehension, Bilingual, Monolingual and gender-based texts

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