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Assessing the effect of supportive factors of knowledge management architecture on organizational intelligence

Seyyed Ali Davoudi, Ali Najarzadeh Sharifabadi, Javad Ashrafi


The objective of this study is to assess the degree of influence of the supportive factors in knowledge management architecture on organizational intelligence in Zahedan city by using descriptive research methods in a correlation study. The sample population consists of 136 Zahedan Municipality staff with higher education, out of which 97 were selected using Morgan’s table. Organizational intelligence questionnaire by Carl Albercht and the architectural management questionnaire were used for data collection. The validity of questionnaires was approved by the experts and the reliability indices of the questionnaires were calculated using the Cronbach alpha to be 0.978 and 0.963, respectively. The findings of questionnaires on two levels of descriptive and inferential statistics were analyzed by one-sample t-test and Pearson correlation test, simple and complex regression tests with Stepwise and Enter methods. Research findings are indicative of the fact that there is a significant correlation (p<0.01) between all supportive axes of knowledge management architecture with organizational intelligence. And, according to the results of stepwise regression test on the supportive elements of knowledge management architecture, the best predicting elements of organizational intelligence were motivational factors and using IT technology. Hence, it was possible to predict the changes of organizational intelligence using the changes in elements of supportive knowledge management architecture. Finally, as well as presenting a predictive model for the elements of organizational intelligence, this study provides breakthroughs for improvement of organizational intelligence level and elements of supportive knowledge management architecture in society.


supportive elements in knowledge management architecture, organizational intelligence, Zahedan municipality

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