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Assessment of local organizations characteristics based on social capital in cities: A case study in Tehran local councils

Mohamad Moayedi, Paria Parsa


Social capital can be named as a set of potential resources aroused from social networks in internalized communications and is able to lead trust, awareness, participation and mutual benefits to increasing quality of life in cities. City neighborhoods as smallest units of spatial organization have significant role in creating social interactions, forming behaviors of people and social networks and last but not least, in developing social capital. Local councils as new social organizations were established with the emphasis on joining city management to citizens and paving the way for local participation. They also empower civil societies and activate social capital. This survey with attention to local councils as the context of social participation, analyzes traits, authorities and duties mentioned in law. Then, we studied members of local councils in gender, age, literacy and job by SPSS and K2 test and descriptive-analytic method. Results show that activating social capital is in charge of local organizations. Searching in laws demonstrates that city management system is not eager to associate local councils in decision making and implementations. There are legal vacuums as well. To strengthen these councils, strategies will be suggested at last.


social capital, local organization, local council, Tehran

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